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Welcome to East Kalgoorlie Primary School!

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the East Kalgoorlie Primary School website. We trust you will find it informative and that it will help you to gain a better understanding of the diverse opportunities we have to offer your children and our community.

Our School Vision - We will make them butterfly wings.

Our Logo - The Karlkurla and the Butterfly reflects the nurturing role of the school and the aspirations we have for our children. Just as our native Karlkurla vine needs supporting plants to nourish and support it, East Kalgoorlie Primary School is there for our families so that our students can grow their butterfly wings.

The school is committed to ensuring that our students have access to every learning opportunity and to providing a ‘level playing field’ for our students. This means removing whatever obstacles are in the path of a student and having a ‘can-do’ approach. Our school culture of ‘high performance – high care’ ensures that disadvantage does not define ones destiny and cannot be used as an excuse for poor academic results.

As a school we strive to engage, challenge and celebrate with each and every student. Our daily interactions with all children are positive, stimulating, challenging, mutually respectful and enjoyable.

Our key focus areas include the ongoing development of teaching and learning strategies and pastoral care initiatives that will enable all who leave us to play a significant role in the wider community as our future leaders.

If you have not yet visited our delightful school, I would encourage you to do so, to experience our warm, caring and positive culture. We are a vibrant, supportive and caring community that provides an extensive range of educational opportunities and experiences. This enables students of East Kalgoorlie Primary School to have a holistic and well-rounded education, which provides them with the skills to confidently face the challenges of the future.

Judith King
East Kalgoorlie Primary School